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Morose en nomination à l’ADISQ

Official Video – MY ROOM

Showcase @ Folk Music Ontario

We will be in Mississauga (ON) all week-end for the Folk Music Ontario (FMO) Conference for our OFFICIAL SHOWCASE and a couple of private showcases !

Here is our schedule

Pop Album of the month in Stereo Magazine




Review of Morose in Songlines magazine

Our last album Morose was reviewed in the July Issue of Songlines Magazine

”Complexities are revealed throughout this range of brave contemporary takes on traditional folk songs whether from Québec, Brittany or Louisiana. Each track is a story in itself set to skilled arrangements that soar and weave with a timeless beauty while sweet melodies interplay with the unexpected rhythmic and instrumental verve of jazz (…) Hailing from top traditional musical stock, what especially elevates this group is the musicians’ conscious modernity; the sum of its parts is very 21st century.”

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Review of Morose in fRoots

Our last album Morose was reviewed in the July Issue of fRoots Magazine

”This is by some distance the most engaging
album to reach these ears so far this year.” -Vic Smith

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