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Prize of the German Record Critics

The Prize of German record critics (Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik) have chosen MOROSE as quarterly best folk album.

English traduction:

Les Poules à Colin: Morose. Steeplejack Music SJCD020 (in-akustik)

Sarah, Béatrix, Eléonore, Marie and Colin knew each other as children long before they became bandmates and best friends. Even as a teenager, they founded “Les Poules à Colin” ten years ago. They brought their interest in folk music from their parents’ home, where they had spent a lot of time together at kitchen parties, family concerts or backstage at folk festivals. The sound of their band can be described as a mixture of Canadian Folk, North American Old Time and Jazz. This particular, musically modern look at the traditional culture of Quebec is based on their youth and on their great vocal and instrumental abilities. (For the jury: Jo Meyer)