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Prize of the German Record Critics

The Prize of German record critics (Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik) have chosen MOROSE as quarterly best folk album.

Short Story in Folker Magazine

”Morose is quite a courageous album title, because the word means something like “grumpy” or “sullen”. That certainly does not apply to the five, a rather funny and lively bunch. The music already describes it rather, because it is very contemporary and rather dark, or at least in a mixture of bitterness and sweetness. Béatrix admits that frankly. This CD was about traditional Québec songs with dark roots.” (TR)

Pop Album of the month in Stereo Magazine

Morose: Album pop du mois dans le magazine Stereo en Allemagne // Morose: Album pop of the month in Stereo Magazine in Germany

Le Quotidien – Chicoutimi

« Quand la musique a pris son erre d’aller, touffue, portée par la guitare, le banjo, le violon et les effets électro ainsi que les voix mêlées de tous les membres du groupe, on a ressenti un léger frisson qui ne devait rien à la température. » – Daniel Côté

Boulder Weekly – Colorado

28 years later, Rocky Mountain Folks Festival still brings the world together. Our coverage brings you stories from the Sahara Desert, from the concrete jungle of Los Angeles and from “la belle province,” Québec, Canada. In French, Spanish, Tamashek and English, these bands tap into the deep well of humanity to tell stories that circumvent the language barrier to speak directly to the heart.

Review of Morose in Songlines magazine

”Hailing from top traditional musical stock, what especially elevates this group is the musicians’ conscious modernity; the sum of its parts is very 21st century.”